Tuesday, August 21

Scary movies just are

Movie trailers lately fall into three categories for our family: Sydney Movies; Kimmie and Brian Date Day Movies; and Movies Brian Will See Without Kimberly. I just watched one movie trailer that is definitely the latter: The Apparition. It looks super scary. I don't deal well with scary movies. It's a thing where, if the bad guy can't be killed, and instead of dying just goes POOF and disappears, I'm freaked. I can't sleep. I feel like every time my bed moves, it's because some weird cosmic entity is moving it, not the two dogs.
This week's Kimmie and Brian Date Day Movie will be The Expendables 2. I enjoy a good action/adventure movie, and this one, with the shooting, destruction and body count is totally up my alley. Also, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis.
The next Sydney Movie looks like Hotel Transylvania in September. We don't really care for the advertisements for ParaNorman, so that's off the list. Also, she wants to see Rise of the Guardians, which isn't released until November.
I just checked out my IMdB app for a list of the Coming Soon movies, and there are so many I'm looking forward to, it's crazy. The list goes all the way until next August. Yes, August 2013! FUN! I'm excited now!!

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