Wednesday, August 1

Morning post: Texas Pet Peeve Edition

I used to enjoy taking my dog out for a walk every morning. I used to be able to wander around a big block in Boston, feeling the crisp morning air, the cold morning air, or the freezing morning air. For a couple months, it was kinda warm. I enjoyed cruising around the apartment complexes in Arizona, where there was some cool morning air, but mainly warm to hot, but not HUMID, morning air. Here is Houston, I'm not enjoying the morning walks.
As an apartment complex, this place is lacking a sidewalk throughout the property, thereby making any casual walker go through the thick grass, offering them up to the potential for poopy steps and mosquito attacks. So, we can't really wander very far or very long, making our "walks" more "stand outside by the grass."
Also, and I know I've mentioned this before, it's been pretty humid and warm here. What bothers me though is my own physiological reaction to that: I get sweaty while we're outside. And there's something fundamentally wrong with getting sweaty before one even has breakfast or gets ready for their day. It makes me feel icky, and cranky, before the day even begins, which isn't fair to anyone.

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