Monday, August 20

Into the closet; into the fray

I'm having weird nesting issues. I refer to them as "nesting" because I honestly have no better word for it. How do you explain my ridiculous epiphany that my closet smelled stuffy, and that all the clothes needed to be washed? Yes, all the clothes. I've gone through a couple nice piles of shirts, and a stack of pants already. I'm totally into this chore, too, so there's no stopping me. Brian's closet is next, because his is stuffier than mine, as well as more stuffed than mine. Sydney's is fine; I've sniffed it thoroughly, and it smells all nice and fresh. I've got my hands full with Brian's closet though, since he refuses to thin out the herd, as it were. This is weird, I know, but it's what's happening now.

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