Thursday, August 16

[Insert scary shark music here]

It occurred to me in the first 45 seconds of Jaws tonight that I had never actually sat down and watched that movie from beginning to end before. This was evidenced by the fact that I had never seen the first 45 seconds of the movie before. I didn't know that the girl who was eaten was at a drinking and pot-smoking party on the beach. I'd never seen her before she was screaming. Also, there was more boob than you typically see on a television broadcast of the movie.
Prologue: I had read that the new Jaws on Blu-Ray was a feat in image remastering. It is sharp and crisp. It includes hours of extras. It's beautiful. But the kicker that got me to get it was the line that, if you'd only seen Jaws on television, you had missed out on all the widescreen beauty of the movie, as well as the brilliance of its actors. Sadly, I would have to admit that I never had seen the movie in widescreen, and only seen it on TV. (Which also is the reason as to why I'd missed a few parts of the movie. I'd seen the ending a hundred times, but some bits in the middle, and the very beginning, were new to me tonight, simply because I tend to bounce around on my movie channels.)
So, Brian and I sat down to watch Jaws tonight. I was super excited, too. And it lived up to my expectations. I'm glad for the purchase, and am pleased to add it to our movie library. Unfortunately, Sydney decided to watch the end with us, against our advice and prodding to go back to her room. Long story, short: she's sleeping in my bed. She says it's because she's "uncomfortable" in her bed, but I think it's more that she got a little freaked out. After the tears about how unfair it is that people kill sharks "just for being sharks."
I don't know when I'll ever watch it again, but I am finally able to agree that the movie is better in a widescreen movie format, and that it's totally better when you can see how sharp the dude's teeth are.

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