Wednesday, August 15

I love bubblegum

I think I rocked my kid's world the other day. Every once in a while, I can surprise her, and I love that. The other day, I, in a move I thought benign, bought a pack of strawberry Bubblicious, just because it looked good.
She was all, "Can you blow a bubble?" I was like, "Yeah. Haven't I ever blown bubbles for you before?" She was emphatic, "NO!"
So, I chewed a piece of my bubblegum, blowing bubbles that impressed her, and then doing that nifty snapping thing once the bubble has popped before you pull the gum back into your mouth, that Howie HATED. (I won't lie, I smile every time I do it because, really, he hated it that much.) We discussed my favorite flavors, strawberry and watermelon, and how much I hated grape. She asked if I would show her how to blow bubbles. I told her that it would be my pleasure ... in a few years.
And then tonight, as we all wandered through the convenience store after dinner, Brian and Sydney both discovered a strawberry and watermelon combination bubble gum, and bought it for me. I was immediately asked to blow some bubbles. I did, and it made her happy. I foresee that during every stop in every convenience store for the rest of my life, my kid is going to pick up a pack of bubblegum for me. And that's super awesome.
There are so few things, I think, that I can amaze her with at this point (she still has no appreciation for my knowledge of all Disney song lyrics or pop culture trivia), so it's a real treat when we discover one.

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