Wednesday, August 22

I can tweet in all caps

I mentioned the other day how angry I am about the concentrated attack on women's rights that is being perpetrated in Washington and on the campaign trail. I mentioned how frustrated I am about not having an influential enough soapbox from which to scream. I told you that I would be thinking about it.
Today, I decided on my solution, and then created a second solution that I like better. I started with a blog, which, of course, would be my first mode of communication. I spent a good hour working on it, creating it, and preparing it for public consumption. But then I realized the practical issue: I couldn't figure out how to link articles directly to the blog for publication. I realized that, if I wanted to post articles, link to provocative pieces, and inform, I needed to be a bit faster on my phone, as it were. So, I fell to my second social media crutch: Twitter. And it's there that I've discovered how much faster I can get information onto the Internet.
I'm not posting information that can't be found anywhere else, but I am pretty singular in my focus. It's an unapologetic political, environmental, feminist and gay-friendly place for me. Most of my posts are retweets from other sources, and so far I've only got one follower (a guy in Japan, if I remember right), but it's where I can feel better about screaming from the rooftops, and where I will not annoy my friends on Facebook too terribly much. Some day, maybe, I'll have guest columnists, original content and the like, but for now, I'm going to cruise around on the message boards to see if I can find some more followers.

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