Thursday, August 2

Bugs make me mad

I got bit by a bug this morning. That happened, as if my walk with the dogs wasn't bad enough, which you read about earlier this week. Today, I was standing in the grass waiting, bag in hand, for Oliver to finish his poop, when I felt a sharp pain on my ankle. It turned out to be a little ant-like creature. I swiftly brushed the little dude off my ankle, complained out loud about how much that little bite hurt, and went about continuing my wait for Oliver. Then, a sharp pain in my finger. That little f*cker, I soon discover, leapt from my ankle to avoid my hand, actually landed on my hand, and then proceeded to bite me on the inside of my finger! And that hurt even more! I brushed the bastard off my finger, cussed him out, and then stood there, assessing the two minuscule bites that hurt really bad, like I'd been stabbed with a needle.
In a matter of the minutes between picking up the poop (insult to injury, really) and getting upstairs, I had not only developed an awful mood for the morning, but an ugly little welt on my sensitive finger flesh. Sometimes, I really do not like this place.

Sports I've obsessively watched being contested that, any time other than the Olympics, I would not have watched: equestrian eventing, whitewater canoeing, whitewater kayaking, gymnastics, judo, water polo, women's basketball, beach volleyball, rowing, swimming, and table tennis. Basically. everything that isn't baseball or football is way off my radar for three years and 50 weeks straight, before becoming an obsession for a fortnight or so. I love the Olympics.

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