Monday, August 13

Back to me!

The Olympics are over. Now what? Well, I suppose I'll figure out some way to entertain myself for the next 18 months, until the Winter Olympics in February, 2014. Maybe some television? A movie or two? A couple books?
Now that I can reclaim my life from NBC and its channels, I feel like my options are endless. I sit here this morning wondering, "What movies are on Netflix?" "I should get back into my Nook book." "What about the farm?" "I SHOULD TAKE A NAP."
Because actually, this sudden bit of independence is more the result of Sydney being back in summer camp for a couple weeks, and then back to school. It's incredibly quiet in my house. And the good kind of quiet. Just me, Oliver and Daisy.
I went to the gym this morning. I'm avoiding some housewifery until I call Mom, catch up on the farm a bit, and finish the blog here. Also, it's just nice to have no one around to pull me in any direction that I don't want to go. This week, especially Thursday's Date Day with Brian, will be an incredible treat for me.
Like a cupcake.

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