Sunday, February 19

Wind chimes, without the wind

I love wind chimes. And not only for the music that they make in the breeze. No, I like my wind chimes pretty, and hanging inside rooms in my house.
I found the rest of my wind chimes today while digging around in my garage/storage unit and ended up spending a good portion of an hour figuring out where and how I want them in my home. The one I got from JJ is now hanging in my bedroom (Brian vetoed hanging it outside, citing the excessive wind we get through the balcony, the windows and the probable noise). The snail one is in my entry way; the stars and moon chime is in the laundry room; the Mickey gardening chime is in Sydney's room; the bright-colored chime is in Syd's bathroom; and the kites chimes is in the office. I lack only a cool chime for my kitchen, and I'm good to go.
Also, maybe a soft and quiet one for my balcony.

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