Tuesday, February 21

This is my forest of algebraic knowledge

This afternoon, I got an e-mail from the company I had the testing appointment at last week. Here it is:
Dear [Kimmie G]:
Thank you for your interest in employment with [So-and-So Company]. We appreciate the time you spent applying with us; however, we will not be proceeding with your application at this time.
Again, thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck in your career search.
The Recruiting Office

Here's my reply:
Thank you for your e-mail.
I appreciate you taking the time to give me an algebra test. I wonder, do you send out the scores for the exam? I would like to know how I did on the algebra portion, as I haven't taken an exam like that in almost 20 years.
Also, as an editor and writer applying for a writing job at your company, who may fail in algebra, but excels in editing, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar, I can tell you that there is a spelling error on one of your exam's introductory pages.
Wishing you the best in your search,
[Kimmie G]

I know it totally comes off as bitchy, and I won't lie, I like that about it. But I'm pretty pleased with how I worded this. Brian loved it, and has been picking on me about failing in algebra all night. Mom laughed, because really, we both totally saw this coming. And I was able to make Andrea laugh about it, too, which as usual, is one of my goals in life. If you've heard Andrea's laugh, you'd understand why I enjoy so much making her laugh. But my greatest hope for this e-mail is that it gets passed around in the company, and maybe, just maybe, someone will think that an intense algebra exam is not the best way to find a technical writer.

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