Wednesday, February 22

Stay away from my lady parts!!

I hate that women's health has become a hot-button issue in this country for the politicians. Birth control, abortion, mandated health procedures and the like are no one's business but the woman dealing with them. I hate, with every ounce of my being, that the concept of women's health is being debated in the government by groups of MEN, without a whisper of a woman's voice. It is INFURIATING that a group of white, more than-50 years old men can decide, or try to deny, a woman her right to choose anything to do with her own body. That some random man who knows nothing about anything in any woman's life, can decide what kind of medicine or medical procedures she can or can not have is among the most ridiculous ideas in the history of ridiculous ideas.
But really, that this is even a CONVERSATION is stupid. Why should women, half of the country's population, be fighting for our own health care procedures, medicines and the power to make our own decisions? WHY IS THIS A FIGHT AT ALL? Jeezus, leave us alone! We want birth control? Stop fighting against us! We want an abortion? Until the day comes when a man carries the baby, this is not a discussion that ANY man should take part in. We need a mammogram or breast exam and Planned Parenthood is the only place to get one? Stop threatening to take away our health care options!
I mean, honestly, who the fuck do you think you are that you think you have ANY say in what I (or any woman) does with my body? WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MY UTERUS? Stick to your own issues! Let me deal with mine, WITHOUT YOUR INPUT. You have no play here.
And that this little group of white, over-50, men actually CAN change the nation's position on women's health issues is even more frightening then the fact that the conversation is taking place. How are we, as women, not screaming from the rooftops about the inequality of this? Why are we letting these conversations happen without us? We need to be LOUDER! We need to be CRASHING DOWN DOORS! We need to be MARCHING IN HALLWAYS WITH BIG SIGNS! We need to be ON TV EVERY NIGHT! We need to be the ONLY ONES HAVING THESE CONVERSATIONS!!
I hate that this is happening right now. It's 2012. We're a first-world country that everyone likes to boast about, with our equality for all people, and human rights. How is it that our populace allows entire groups of people to be pushed aside and discussed as if they have no opinions or rights of their own, and are thereby subjected to less of a voice in the course of their own lives?


David said...

Kimmie...strong message! Wish there was more uprising and more outspoken women. I am embarrassed for this country (GOP) that they will do anything but discuss the economy and the job situation, because they have absolutely no solution to these important problems. You know, I truly think that males should step out of the political picture and let women run this country for a decade. I can guarantee we'd be a whole of a lot happier.

Kimmie G said...

I agree entirely!! Give the girls a chance!! We can't make the situation any worse than the men, and we're totally used to "compromising" to get what we want!! :)