Sunday, February 12

Rolling minus the red screen

So, my phone's been doing this crazy thing over the last couple months: when I hit the home button, the screen goes red. In fact, whenever the phone was awoken, the screen was red with weird horizontal lines all across it. I couldn't read it, and the buttons were made irrelevant.
Now, if I told you I've been living with this incredible annoyance since before we left Tempe, you would think I was crazy. Well, I have been living with it that long, and I am crazy. Finally, on Friday, Brian and I made our way to the Apple Store to have the phone looked at. It did, in fact, need to be replaced. The guys had never seen a screen look like that, and everyone was taken aback by it when I showed if off.
I ended up doing a direct replacement for the phone, getting a "new" iPhone 4. I had the option of upgrading to the 4S, just so you know. I seriously thought about it. Because of the problem with the phone, I would have been permitted an early upgrade to a 4S, but then I would have to wait another two years for another upgrade. That made me very nervous. The 4S is super cool, but my gut is telling me that there will be an iPhone 5 this summer or fall. I would HATE having the 4S for only six or seven months when a new iPhone comes out, and Brian is the only one of us with an upgrade at the time. You know that the new phone will have all the cool stuff in the 4S as well as other awesome stuff. And you know that I would freak out if Brian had all the additionally awesome stuff when I didn't. (I'm still an only child, of course!) So, I decided to deny myself the cool stuff for now, to be able to get the cool stuff later. I feel really okay with that.

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