Tuesday, February 7

Oliver is awesome

This is my Oliver. This is his Pluto. And this is something that he does after he eats.
It's the weirdest thing, but the most endearing thing, too. Ever since Ollie was a puppy, after he eats, he picks up his Pluto, carries it someplace comfortable and cozy, and lays down and holds it. I call it cuddling, because he kinda bites down, licks at it, hugs it a bit, and cuddles it. Every so often, he'll whine, or make some purring noises. And he'll lay there, like that or on his side, for anywhere up to 30 minutes. The cuddling can be five minutes, or it could be 25 minutes, but what it is, is awesome.
Here we are, 11 years into the relationship with Pluto, and we're still cuddling regularly. Of course, it's not always Pluto, but Pluto is his favorite for cuddling. This morning, after breakfast, Ollie brought Pluto up onto the bed and commenced a good, long cuddle session. The light was perfect, his face was perfect, and the background was just ideal enough for one of the best pictures I've ever gotten of the cuddling.
It is one of the best things about my boy, and Brian and I are both enamored of this little personality quirk. I tend to text photos of this to Brian whenever it's super cute, and this morning's was, as I said, perfect. So I thought I'd put it up here, too.

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