Tuesday, February 28

My Partner in 'Bucks is here!

ITEM!: I'm conducting an experiment, in regards to my hair. I took the time to use the straightening iron on it today, and right now, it's as straight as I could want. Now, the experiment comes in finding out how long, in Houston's currently humid and warm weather, it stays that way. I propose that it won't even last the night.
ITEM!: My children are incredibly happy that their grandma is here tonight. Sydney was bouncing off the walls all day, and Daisy hasn't left her side since she walked into the apartment. Now, everyone is sleeping, and happy, and content.
ITEM!: We don't have any yummy dessert, and Starbucks is closed. It's like we're in some kind of parallel plane of existence prison, being denied our most basic wants for sustenance. JJ would call this a "First World Problem." I want some cheesecake, and I want a mocha.

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