Wednesday, February 29

Matching shirts are underrated

Davy Jones died today. He died of a heart attack in Florida this morning.
I didn't find out until later this afternoon, well after Ryan changed his profile picture, and after Twitter and the Internets had been buzzing about it for a couple hours.
That is so heartbreaking. I mean, I was a Micky Dolenz girl, but The Monkees is one of my most favorite bands ever, and that television show was GOLDEN, so this is so sad to me.
I saw them once in concert, you know. At the Greek Theatre. It was just the three members: Jones, Dolenz, and Peter Tork. I have the program in a box somewhere. It was awesome. Weirdly, I can't remember who saw that concert with me. (And now, I'm sad about that, too. What the hell? Where did my memory go? ARGH, 39!!)
But still, I'll be bringing my iPod into the car tomorrow, and Sydney and Mom will be subjected to a Monkees retrospective all day. And I'm gonna sing along. LOUD.

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