Monday, February 27

The leg, a French guy and cymbals

No doubt Y'ALL are waiting for my Oscar recap. I did, of course, watch the Academy Awards show last night, with my hubby next to me, my phone in front of me, my dog on top of me, and my mind fully engaged. I picked nine right of all the categories, which wasn't too good, and less than Brian (11), but still better than Camp Togias, with whom Brian and I were ballot competing.
I don't really feel like digging through a bullet point list of things I liked and disliked about the ceremony. I may have overdosed a little bit on Oscar coverage, and Angelina Jolie's leg. Not that the ceremony itself wasn't amazing, because parts of it certainly were. Also, some was not amazing.
I did not like Billy Crystal's hosting job. There. I said it. So many people disagree, but I got such an "old-man jokes" vibe from him throughout the whole thing. And when you don't like the host, it makes the whole show kinda ... meh. But the movie stars made it better.
Apparently, I should have seen The Artist and Hugo. Both these movies, I had no desire to see in the theater. Are they worth the trouble to put on my Netflix queue? I think The Artist, but not so much Hugo. Also, I don't like Woody Allen.
I hope I do better on my Oscar ballot next year. When Brian wins, he develops a bit of a God complex about movies. And he brags a lot about knowing more about movies than I do. I can't abide that. But I guess poorly, so it's more my fault at being wrong than his boon for being right. Right?

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