Monday, February 20

I'm a dessert junkie

Yummy confections I would like to snack on right now:
BROWNIE ~ A perfectly baked, just slightly gooey on the inside, bit of chocolate deliciousness. No frosting though. It's a small crime to put frosting on a brownie.
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ~ There still is no one who makes a better cookie than Toll House. And the fact that a break-and-bake cookie can taste almost just as good as a from-scratch cookie is nothing short of genius.
CUPCAKE ~ A fantastic chocolate mini-cake (OR TWO) with frosting, a definite must here, on a plain, white napkin, to keep the colors popping.
NILLA WAFER ~ I like these cookies a lot. My husband does not, and that means I don't have to share them with him. My daughter does like them though, but I get to be in charge of how many she eats, so I don't worry about finding a mostly empty box whenever I pop into the pantry.
CAKE ~ Why not? A slice of cake could be excellent right now. Any kind, too. I'm getting less and less picky about my dessert as I type this.
CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE ~ It must be from Off Vine. And really, that is exactly what I want.
AMERICONE DREAM ICE CREAM ~ I actually have some of this in my freezer. It's not a dream. It can be a reality.

Editor's note: When I input the words "dessert images" in my Yahoo! search to find a photo to accompany this post, I was presented with a couple photos of a DESERT, which broke my heart into a million pieces as I wept for the fate of the English language on the Internet.

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