Thursday, February 16

Frizz, frizz, go away

There's this thing in the world right now called a Brazilian Blowout. What it is, is a chemical de-frizzing (and straightening) of the hair that allows a large measure of frizz-free control for up to three months. What it could be, is my key to sanity in Houston. I've been trying my best to find some sense of humor about the frizz helmet atop my head, but on a day like today, I have less patience for it. The only response I have to a warm, humid day is a ponytail tied into submission, and a barrette to hold back the bangs. And even then, the worst part is the halo of shorter hair that isn't long enough for the ponytail, but loves to curl up and frizz out in the humidity. I hate those hairs. They infuriate me. At this point, I think that the Blowout is my only option. I can't stand looking at my hair in the mirror. It offends me, and I'd like to change it.
Frizz is the bane of my existence.

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