Friday, February 17

Friday, fun day

Fridays feel so weird to me lately. It's all because Brian is home on Fridays. We spend the day together, running errands or going to the movies, and it's fantastic, but by Friday night, like right now at 10:30, it feels like this should be a Saturday night. I feel like it's been a weekend day, wherein nothing of any great importance was accomplished. It's getting late, and I'm tired, but all I can think of as a personal success for the day is that I finished the strawberry ice cream.
Today's successes:
Returned all three un-watched Netflix movies. ... Watched Breaking Dawn, Part 1. ... Ate some delicious popcorn, and finished the entire bowl all by myself. ... Stayed away from Facebook all day. ... Picked up my kid from school on time. ... Vacuumed and dusted my house. ... Stayed out of the rain. ... Protected Daisy from thunder. ... Finished the strawberry ice cream. ... Read a book. ... Made tuna casserole for dinner. ... Blogged.
All valid accomplishments for a Friday. So why do I feel like I haven't done much today? Probably because most of it was done inside my house. I always feel like a day spent without leaving the home is a day lost to un-productivity.

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