Wednesday, February 8

Editor, not astronaut

Also, I've got a job interview next Wednesday. It's a technical writing job. Also, it's not really an interview. It's what they call a "testing appointment," where they will give me a series of basic tests to find out my skill levels. (I think she said something about math, and that concerns me a little bit, but I'll run with the descriptive "basic," and assume I'll be able to fumble my way through that one.)
I was told to plan for one or two hours spent there, just in case an actual interview does happen while I'm there. While on the phone today with the corporate recruiting department this morning, I got to answer all the easy questions, and then was e-mailed a couple more pre-applications to fill out before I get there next week. I be jumping through hoops to even get an interview!
The commute doesn't look like it'll be too bad though. According to MapQuest, it should only be about 20 minutes. Of course, in Houston traffic that may be twice as long. But that is if I get the job.
As of now, it's a testing appointment, and I need to get my interview pants cleaned.

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