Saturday, February 25

Best part of today

I have an incredible love of beignets (deep-fried, French doughnuts covered in powdered sugar). They are, hands down, one of my favorite desserts. (You see how I was diplomatic there? I love a whole lot of desserts.) I was introduced to beignets several years ago, by my mommy, at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. One bite of the doughy, sugary mess, and I was hooked. Every time I visited New Orleans, I made it a point to visit Cafe Du Monde as often as possible. I was beyond giddy to discover a Cafe Du Monde shop in the Atlanta Underground, and paid for the taxi to take me there and back to my hotel one afternoon while in town for a convention several years ago. Brian's tried, several times, to make the beignets himself, with the mix from Cafe Du Monde, but they just never come out exactly right. There is one place, relatively local, where I can get some good beignets: the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney in California.
Lately, I've tried beignets at a French breakfast restaurant in Las Vegas (icky), and at Shipley's Do-Nuts here in Houston (also icky). As disappointed as I've been with the most recent examples of beignets, I'm always somewhat pleased that they aren't as good. The last thing I need for the size of my ass is a yummy beignet place within a quick driving distance.
Having said that, I am so excited that Brian found, and we tried, a delicious beignet and coffee shop in Houston this afternoon. The place boasts a New Orleanean heritage, so I was eager to try their beignets. The selection in the frier and on the counter looked good, so I was happy to dig into one in the car before we even left the parking lot. And ... they are ALMOST perfect! The only thing that could make them better is if they were actually beignets from Cafe Du Monde, and I was sitting at a table on the porch in New Orleans.
We ordered a dozen, and I've had two so far, but the shame is that once beignets get cold, they're just not as good. Tomorrow I will experiment in how to re-heat them. I refuse to trash something that good, even if they're cold and kinda icky. ... OSCAR TREATS!!

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