Tuesday, February 7

Artist fishing for iPhone, read Tiffany

ITEM!: I think I'm going to go see The Artist tomorrow. I checked my local theater this morning, and according to the schedule, if I don't go see it this week, it won't be in the theater next week. And I really need to see it before the Oscars. So, tomorrow is a movie day for Kimmie!
ITEM!: I spent some time chatting about Sydney's fish tank today, and I'm getting kinda excited about it. I am afraid though, as most of you know, because of my history with fish. It's weird. My dad can keep a goldfish alive for years, and I can't even keep one for a couple months. I had a fish commit suicide in college, you know. I'm terribly bad with fish, and I'd hate to inadvertently kill Sydney's new pets. I'll keep considering.
ITEM!: Also tomorrow, I'm going to stop into the Apple Store near the theater. My frickin' iPhone is still doing that weird red-screen thing, and it's becoming more and more annoying. It's just a matter of inconvenience now, and the damn smart phone is not being a smart technology for me. Also, it's decided to stop alerting me when texts arrive. That is annoying.
ITEM!: I finished reading that book that I was having a hard time getting into this weekend. It's been a very long time since I've come across a character, not the protagonist or antagonist, that was so utterly unlikeable that I almost stopped reading the book. The main character's sister was the most annoying personality I've come across on paper in such a long time. This girl had me wanting to drop this book in a donation pile, while only 11 pages in. Up to the end, she was an unlikeable person. It was, honestly, a struggle to get through the pages with her on them. Remind me to never have a character like her in my writings. You have my permission to, whenever you dislike a character enough to put the book down, say to me, "She's so ... Janice." That'll do the trick. No joke.
ITEM!: I enjoy a lot getting all these e-mails from Tiffany & Co. because of Valentine's Day. I've been getting one about every other day for a week. Before February, I only got one about once or twice a month. On the downside, it's depressing because there are a lot of pretty things at Tiffany. On the upside, they also still have the necklace that I very much want around my neck.

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