Wednesday, February 29

And yet the two worlds DO collide

So, Mom and I are in the Lulu Lemon store in Houston today. The salesgirl helping us is making conversation, and asks Mom which other Lulu store she shops in. Mom says, "The one in Calabasas."
And immediately, this voice pops in from behind us. One of the other salesgirls says, "Isn't that where the Kardashians live? It's a NICE area. Isn't it a nice place?"
To tell you honestly, I was blown away, and both shocked and appalled at once. All I could think was, "Holy crap. Calabasas is a beautiful little place, and the rest of the nation thinks of it only as 'the place where the Kardashians live.' This is embarrassing."And all we could do was tell this girl, who clearly wanted to hear it, was that, yes, Calabasas is a nice place. And that, yes, everyone does wear Lulu Lemon clothes all the time.

And THIS is why the Internet is an AMAZING thing!! I did a search for both Lulu Lemon, and Kardashian, and what do I find, but a picture of Kourtney Kardashian wearing Lulu Lemon!! CRAZY!! And so incredibly timely!! Internet searches can produce GOLD.

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