Saturday, February 18

Ah, Saturday

ITEM!: I spent three-and-a-half hours at a children's museum this afternoon, and the raging headache I had for a good two hours after we left the place was my souvenir. And my reminder to not go there on a weekend afternoon, or spend that much time. Sydney had a great time though, and that's all that matters, but oh, my head hurt so bad!!
ITEM!: I baked some key lime bars tonight. And they would be delicious, except that I don't have any powdered sugar to sprinkle atop them. Luckily, I need to visit the grocery store tomorrow, so I'll get some sugar then, and sprinkle the rest of the bars. As for taste minus the sugar, they're okay. Not great, not terrible. An almost perfect treat (once I get that sugar) for the rest of the weekend.
ITEM!: It rained a whole lot this morning, which kept me from a couple random chores that I'd like to get done around here. I need to clean my balcony, and I need to spend more time in my storage unit looking for decor pieces for my house. I'm lately obsessed with accessorizing my house with more of my stuff. I just need to find it all.
ITEM!: I have these amazing wind chimes that JJ gave me as a wedding gift. I've hung them up everywhere Brian and I have lived since we got married: Phoenix, Allston (Mass.), Boston and Scottsdale. I want to hang them on our balcony here, but I am concerned with the amount of tinkling we'll hear all day and every day. This place has more wind than we've had before, and the balcony is right outside the living room and our bedroom, with windows opening up right onto the balcony. I don't want to be annoyed by the wind chimes, just enchanted by them. We'll put them up tomorrow, and see how the music goes.
ITEM!: I'm kinda bothered by Whitney Houston's funeral being broadcast today. Actually, I guess it wasn't that it was being broadcast, but that one of my favorite entertainment web sites was going to "live blog" the funeral. Reading that they were going to do that just sounded so crass, and tacky, and disrespectful. Most times, live blogging is about describing the action going on at an event, but then also being kinda snarky about what's happening. I can't imagine that they would have done that to the funeral, but the thought of it just turned me cold.
ITEM!: Oliver, Daisy and I have transplanted Brian off of the sofa and onto the armchair. There are three cushions on the sofa, and each of us has taken possession of one of them. It's quite comfortable. Brian has the entire chair to himself, though he's hardly thanking us for it. He's snoring up a storm on the armchair, and Oliver and Daisy are sleeping. I'm watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Though I will be going to bed soon. I'm tired, and my head can use some extreme quiet.

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rosemary said...

what...folks don't borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors anymore?? Or did I just date myself :-(