Wednesday, December 28

Venus over the moon = PRETTY

I hope Y'ALL had a good Christmas. Mine was awesome. I had a great visit with Mom; enjoyed a delightful Christmas morning watching my kid go crazy over Santa Claus; ate a wonderful Christmas dinner; and was treated to several days of happiness. What happens during a period of time like that though, is that I ignore the blog, and just live my little days without comment or critique. I won't lie, it's a quiet existence, but a life uncommented makes for a boring blog. And I shall bore you no longer.
Random thoughts as I look around my bedroom:
~~ I'm done with the Christmas decorations. I like them a lot, and they look adorable in their placements, but I'm done looking at them. However, I can't do the decorations without first taking down the tree, and I can't do that without my family's help. So, Saturday it is for the tree, and Monday for the decorations.
~~ I just finished an impromptu web chat with my mommy. Since I've got the wi-fi, I was able to conduct the chat from this very space, with no effort whatsoever. Technology is awesome!
~~ I'm gonna sign up for the gym tomorrow or Friday. I like the less weight I'm carrying around, but I need more energy and activity in my life. I've got a kid in school five days a week and no job yet. There is no reason in the world why I am not at the gym at least three times a week. And maybe a yoga class or something, too. I'm on it.
~~ I'm taking my car in to the shop tomorrow for some fixing. It needs rear brakes and rotors, and the 50,000-mile service. Also, I'm getting the state inspection, so then I can get the car registered in Texas. The downside is that the shop does not have rentals or anything. And the visit will take about four hours. So, I can either hang out in the waiting area, which, I was told, is nice, or they'll take me to the mall down the street. I'll vote for the mall, as that gives me much more opportunity for getting into trouble. Once the work tomorrow is done, all that's left for the Jetta is new tires. I'll be getting to that next month.
~~ I think I can watch The A-Team movie a thousand times, if I haven't already. Last night, I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was really quite good, and I giggled at several parts of it. I've got The Help, Horrible Bosses and Water for Elephants here still. I hope to get to them throughout the rest of this week and weekend.
~~ I really, really, really want an inexpensive, trustworthy babysitter. I want to go to the movies!!

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