Thursday, December 22

Thursday ITEM! list ... with Mom here!!

ITEM!: My mom is here! She arrived in town last night, and it's been pretty awesome hanging out with her since then. We had dinner last night, enjoyed our Starbucks twice today, visited the Nordstrom, and picked up random things at the Hallmark store. It's like we were never separated.
ITEM!: Oliver and Daisy have discovered the hidden location of their stocking stuffers. They sit vigil outside the closet door whenever they're in the guest room, occasionally whining at the gifts and treats inside, waiting for the objects to open the closet door and sacrifice themselves to the hungry mouths outside.
ITEM!: The subterfuge that is Santa Claus continues. Last night, Sydney's elf, Buddy, brought a book back with him from his nightly visit to the North Pole. He wrote a little note, "To Sydney, From Buddy," and stuck it to the book, The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas. She was very, very pleased, and we read it this morning, and Mom read it to her tonight.
ITEM!: I won't be changing the furniture layout in my bedroom. I had been thinking about Cozy Chair, and how I'd rather have it upstairs in my bedroom again. But to make room for it, though there is room, I'd have to move the armoire, shift the dresser and bookcase, and move the entire bed and nightstand ensemble down the wall about three feet. I debate and I debate. The interior designer who is staying with me this weekend suggested that I keep everything where it is, because even though the chair could work, the spaces and positions of everything in the room right now work really well. I shall continue to debate though, and may just change my mind again before she leaves. Because if I decide to bring the chair up, having a third pair of adult hands and arms will prove useful.
Last night, Buddy was on the movie shelves. Tonight, Buddy is sitting on a picture frame in the guest room, HANGING OUT WITH MOM, who if you don't know, is here.

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