Friday, December 16

They're the real enemy

I've had two mosquito bites on my left foot that have been driving me batty the last couple days. I got the bites while out walking Oliver and Daisy Tuesday night. We decided, because some other dog was in our usual running spot, to venture onto the larger grassy knoll. Obviously, the grassy knoll is a better habitat for mosquitoes, because after mere moments of standing on the grass, I felt the little fuckers digging into my ankle and the top of my foot. I looked, but could not see them, leading me to believe that they were less than mosquitoes, but no-see-ums. I've had these bites now, for three days, and they itch as much today as they did the first day.
What I have to figure out now, is the best avenue for fighting them. I already know of the Skin So Soft oil from Avon, and its miraculous ability to repel mosquitoes. I'll be ordering that and putting it in mine and Sydney's baths. I've seen a couple other repellents in other catalogs, including One Step Ahead. I had hoped for the winter at least, to plan my attack on the mosquitoes. Though now that it's cooling down again, they'll be gone for a while longer.
I'll invest in the bath oil (online), and citronella candles (Target), and I've got to find that door netting (storage unit). I will win. But for now, I just got a couple places on my foot that itch.

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