Friday, December 2

The tag, you see, is easy

I'm inexplicably excited about having an E-Z Tag in my car right now. The Tag (which is easier to type than "E-Z Tag," so it is the shortened, nifty name I'll use for it) is the quicker, faster way of traveling the toll roads in Texas -- also discounted, we found out. Stick the tag to the interior of your windshield, and the microchip in the tag sends a signal to the toll plaza as you drive through it (at any speed), deducting the cost of that toll from the account set up when you purchase the tag. This is brilliant, of course, and I'm so glad that Brian and I each have one in our cars now. Also, there's a convenient toll road in Houston that is only E-Z Tag. It is no longer off-limits to us.
Don't you see? Now, there is nowhere we can't go.
Also, we're not dragged down by the constant fear of not having the money or coins when arriving at a toll plaza. I was always so paranoid about that when we lived in Boston. And I never bought the E-Z Pass (as it was up there), so the cash option was always my lane, and I was always afraid of being arrested for not having the cash or coins, or for going through the wrong lane. That random fear now has been neutralized.

Tonight, Buddy is sitting by the coffee cups in the kitchen. Sydney and Brian found him pretty quickly this morning, I heard. I think I may throw her off the trail by putting him in the kitchen, but knowing her, she'll still spy him right away.

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