Sunday, December 11

Seven for a Sunday

1. I still haven't finished addressing my Christmas cards, though all the thank-you notes are done and ready to go in the mail. I'll get the Christmas cards done first thing tomorrow, and then drop them all off at the post office.
2. I'm starting to get way excited to see my mommy in a few days. I say "a few," but really, it's 10 days. Less than two weeks is a good thing. I may not let her go back to California.
3. Oliver and Daisy are getting baths and haircuts tomorrow. They are so matted up and stinky! I can't wait to pick them up in the afternoon once they're done. They'll be all clean, all soft, and all of us will be all happy.
4. Brian and Sydney did their Christmas shopping for me this afternoon, and cleverly, hid the gift in my closet. I just don't ask about those kinds of things. My kid and hubby can be so random sometimes.
5. I'm on the hunt for a new dinosaur field guide for Sydney. Unexpectedly, it's the only thing she requested of Santa Claus on Friday night. And Santa never, ever fails. I'll investigate Barnes & Noble first, but I'm also of the opinion that I'll venture back down to the Natural Science Museum to get something there. They had a bunch of good books that she was interested in. As well as other stocking stuffers.
6. Brian bought a package of homemade jumbo marshmallows at Whole Foods last Friday, and they have become the bane of my existence. I've been shortchanging my normal food intake because of my increased intake of marshmallows, and that's not a good thing. They are almost gone though, so by tomorrow night, my diet will no longer include marshmallows.
7. Last night, Buddy was sitting on the fireplace mantel. Tonight, Buddy is sitting on the stack of Christmas movies.

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