Friday, December 30

New mantra: BE SMARTER

So, I've decided on my major, A-number one, New Year's Resolution. And it came to me pretty organically, too. It's not hard, when I look back at the past year, to see that some major things went down that didn't necessarily have to go down the way they did. So this year's resolution: Be Smarter.
Brian thought that was a little too vague a resolution, but I think it pretty much encompasses everything that was wrong with 2011. I feel like so many things would have been less complicated, less of a hassle, and smoother, had I been smarter this year. When heading into 2012, I need to collect more information, spend more time considering all the possible pros and cons of an action, and to look at what I'm doing. I don't consider "smarter" as being more intelligent in the purely cerebral sense, but more in the manner of consideration prior to action.
I can count on both hands and feet how many things went wrong this year. Chief among them being our move out of the house and into the apartment in March, picking the apartment we did, and not having all the information before moving 1,000 miles away to Texas. (Given 2011 over again, I'd do a whole lot different.)
A perfect example from just this month: our health insurance. I was given the options from Brian's employer, and, even though I didn't like the plan, or the cost of it, I signed us up. Having done that, and then having lunch with Treva, who said, "Try the other companies and check their individual policies," I changed my mind on Brian's employer's insurance plan. Now, with more information, I was able to tackle our health insurance again, and find a plan I prefer for about $400 less per month. But again. See what I did there? I didn't have enough information, but acted anyway, thinking that the options presented to me were the only options. I wasn't being smarter.
Starting today, I will be smarter. A smarter mom, wife, friend and PERSON. I'll collect more information; I'll think more; I'll be more strategic; I'll be more focused, but aware of the big picture; I'll take deep breaths and ask more questions; I'll still trust my instincts, but back them up with hard facts. You know, the actions of a smarter person. A smarter Kimmie.

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