Thursday, December 1

It's December!

Well, happy December everyone!
I can't figure out exactly why I'm so eager for Christmas this year ... oh wait, yes I can. It's because my mommy is coming out to visit me for a few days over the holiday. I remember last year I wasn't feeling much about Christmas, but this year, I'm listening to carols every day, I'm plotting and planning, and I'm counting down days. Perhaps a lot of that also has to do with my kid and how excited she is for Christmas.
I brought out our Elf on the Shelf, named Buddy, yesterday. Of course, I failed miserably on Buddy's second night by forgetting to move him. Brian distracted Sydney for a couple seconds this morning so I was able to shift Buddy by a couple inches, "because he just liked that place so much, and was able to see everything so well, he wanted to stay close to where he was yesterday." Well, that worked in a pinch, but I was told tonight that if Buddy didn't find a different place to sit while we were all sleeping, she was going to be mad in the morning. So, tonight, Buddy is in the plant by the living room window. I think it'll take her a while to find him, and that's a good thing. At five years old, it should start getting a bit tougher. Last year, I got frustrated finding only easy places to put him. This year should be more fun.

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