Thursday, December 29

A delightful Grimm indeed

I spent three hours in the waiting room at the auto shop today, waiting for my car to be serviced and for the new rear brakes and rotors. One would assume that three hours in a waiting room would be pretty hellish, right? Not so much today. I came prepared. I had my phone, my ear buds, my charging cable, a fresh hot tea from Starbucks, warm shoes and a sweater, and a backlog of television I wanted to catch up on. There was a cozy, leather armchair with an outlet behind it for the charger cable. I settled in, and was perfectly happy for three hours.
I watched the first four episodes of Grimm on the NBC iPhone app. Now, that's a good little show! I was all plugged in, and unbothered (mostly) for an entire morning, and it was lovely.
Also, I have new brakes that I can feel are working better. The oil was changed, and all the buttons and switches were checked to be sure they're in good working order. The car, from the wheels up (not including actual tires), is in perfect shape. Next month, tires. We can make it a New Year's Resolution.

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