Monday, December 5

A Christmas ITEM! list

CHRISTMAS ITEM!: When I'm at home during the day, I find random things to do. Today, I went from room to room rearranging the Christmas decor, deciding whether "this" looked as good as "that" in that one place. I shifted things from place to place, and in more interesting news, I moved things from room to room. I think I may actually be happy with my decorations now. That is, of course, until Sydney decides she'd rather have something else than the one, and the other thing moved away so she doesn't see it anymore. I am well aware that this sentence made little to no sense at all.
CHRISTMAS ITEM!: We finally finished decorating our Christmas tree. I love that the bottom two feet of my tree are covered in the most random placement of ornaments. Sydney was incredibly helpful putting the ornaments on, and she had a blast doing it. It was so fun just handing her the ornaments and letting her go to town. What amused me the most was that Brian was the neurotic tree decorator who tried to police her placements, when he (and most of you, I'm sure) probably figured it would be me. I eventually told him to just leave her be. He looked at me so sad and defeated, and said in a whisper, "You'll do something about all this though, right?" (My random thing to do tomorrow: rearrange Christmas tree ornaments.)
CHRISTMAS ITEM!: I think I'm going to venture out to Toys R Us tomorrow to do some shopping for my kid (and hubby). I love Christmas shopping, and I think starting out at Toys R Us will pop my cherry really well this year. I'm quite thrilled to have some freedom for Santa shopping for Sydney. She only wants two things, and after that, she said, "Santa will come up with something." This is both exhilarating and terrifying. I have to find something that she'll love without even knowing she wants it.
CHRISTMAS ITEM!: I picked up my Christmas cards today. I'm going to be sending them out the same day I send out the thank-you notes from Sydney's birthday party. No kidding, all those cards will be sent out this week. It's a bit of a mission.

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