Sunday, December 4

And now, we have a tree!

I remember being annoyed last night because it was so warm in my house. That is totally not the case right now, as I huddle on my sofa, chilled more than I'd like to be, and sporting a cold nose. My phone says that it's 55 degrees outside, but I feel like I should say no to that, and declare that it is, instead, quite a bit cooler. Of course, I'm cold because all my windows in the living room are open. I stay in here because I'm too lazy to get up and move. Also, my legs have fallen asleep, so I think it may be painful to move.
We had an adventure today, by traveling out to a Christmas tree farm with Jon, Emily and Benjamin. We grabbed our raincoats at the last minute, and I'm incredibly pleased that we did. The temperature did nothing but drop as we exited Houston, and the raindrops made it even more uncomfortable. The farm was adorable, with all kinds of activities for the kids, were it not raining and cold. A lot of the things were closed, including most of the eating places. It was a pleasure farm, open only October through December, where they grow only pumpkins and Christmas trees. But today, we even learned that they ship in the pumpkins.
The trees grown at the farm though, were weird. The farm had one "patch" of trees that didn't smell, were hypo-allergenic or something, and didn't really qualify as a Christmas tree. The second patch were a different kind of fir tree, but it was like they were big, bushy pines, trimmed and shaped into perfect conical shapes. There shape was so exact. The smell was non-existent. We decided against those, too. The third selection of trees was a group shipped in from North Carolina. Now these trees were the kind of trees we like in our house. It has actual limbs and branches for ornament hanging. It smells like a Christmas tree. It's tall, green, and not perfect. Making it, of course, the perfect Christmas tree for us. We managed to get the lights on it tonight, but the ornaments will wait for tomorrow.
Tonight, Buddy is in the entry way, atop the key holder.

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