Friday, December 9

And I'm spent

It's super late, and this post is going to be time-stamped for Saturday (which bugs me), but at least I've got a huge "to-do" off my to-do list. I have finally written the thank-you notes for Sydney's birthday. This is unacceptable, rude and ungracious of me, but I blame Texas, and the move, for my tardiness in this task. Also, I don't like doing it. But they're done now.
My reward for finishing them was being able to watch Glee on my computer while writing them (and catching up on the last five weeks of episodes), and starting to address my Christmas cards.
I'm about halfway through my awesome Christmas cards now, and will hope to finish them up tomorrow night. I'll have a boatload of mail going out over the next few days, but that's okay. I bought a lot of stamps.

Also, tonight, Buddy is sitting on the appliance shelves in the kitchen.

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