Thursday, December 15

Also, I've hurt my finger

ITEM!: I tried on some jeans that haven't fit in a while tonight. I'm pleased to say that, although they did not "fit exactly right," they are closer to fitting than they were a few months ago. Now, knowing that I can, and have, dropped 10 pounds in three weeks gives me the motivation to do it again. In another 10 pounds, those jeans will fit, I hope.
ITEM!: My car is requiring fixes. I took it to the local VW dealer this morning for a brake inspection, and the assessment came up as I had thought. I need rear brakes and rotors, tires (which I knew), a service (which I also knew), and brake fluid flushing. Also, I need a new windshield (of course, there are three cracks in it). I had a few items in the red, which I just mentioned, a few others in the yellow, which will need attention in a bit, and more items in the green, which are fine (front brakes reside here). I've found a service shop nearby that specializes in European cars, including VWs, that is not the dealer. I'm going to call them tomorrow and get a quote for what I need.
ITEM!: I'm making popcorn tomorrow morning for Sydney's school holiday party. Mom had a good idea, which is to spread green and red sprinkles on the warm popcorn when it's still warm from the popper. Festive, and less sugary than all the cupcakes and cookies she'll get from the other moms.
ITEM!: I spent a ridiculous amount of time messing around with the new Timeline feature on Facebook tonight. You can scroll through all your statuses and activity from the present back to the very first day you joined Facebook. While I like re-reading about all the things that have entertained, bugged, saddened and pleased me over the last almost-four years, I'm struck by how addicted to the damn web site I am.
ITEM!: If I'm going to be pulling back my bangs in barrettes for the foreseeable future, I need to clean up my eyebrows. Or find someone nearby who can do an inexpensive wax shaping on them. That's what I need.

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