Sunday, August 7

True love is a sisterhood

I know I've blogged about it, though it's been awhile. I refer to my love of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The four books based on this friendship are fantastic. Ann Brashares is a great writer, and the four female characters in these books are well realized and fully explored. The last of the books was published in 2008. I remember crying through bits and pieces of the four books, and sharing them with my dear friend, Sarah, out in Boston.
I've been buying and reading books quite a bit lately, but haven't spent much time tooling around on Amazon. Doing that a week or so ago, I discovered that Brashares has recently published a fifth book dedicated to the Sisterhood. Sisterhood Everlasting picks up 10 years after the last book left off, reuniting the girls in love and friendship.
I bought the book the other day, started reading it this morning, and finished it tonight. Also, I cried through most of it. The plot line of this particular book touched my heart and my soul. I think it'll be with me for a while. Tomorrow's book will be emotionally less heavy.

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