Wednesday, August 3

Beers and beach ... paradise

I totally took advantage of Sydney's falling asleep on the sofa an hour earlier than her bedtime by falling asleep myself on the sofa, and then crawling into bed earlier than my normal bedtime. Sydney slept for 12 hours last night, and I slept for eight. Syd's is more awesome than mine, but still, eight hours is a good amount of time for me. It makes for an earlier rise in the morning, and for a better frame of mind once I'm up and about. I doubt I'll get it tonight, as the hour is already creeped up to after 11 p.m., but I'll make quick work of this blog and then try to get some sleep.

I saw two things today that made my day for me.
First, at the exact right time in my frame of mind, I saw a Corona commercial, and it was glorious. I want to spend time on a Corona beach, with that lovely bucket of bottles next to my Adirondack chair and umbrella. Also, I'd like one of those girls' bikini bodies.
Second, I saw this tweet: "Today I went on and searched 'ninjas.' The computer told me 'Ninjas cannot be found.' Well played, ninjas, well played." Besides the fact that searching for "ninjas" on a thesaurus web site certainly would not come up with a result, this just made me smile.

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