Tuesday, July 5


Brian and Sydney were going to go to the zoo for a quick trip on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was later in the morning when they decided to go, so I had to put the kibosh on the trip, as they wouldn't have been able to finish their trip in time to pick me up at the airport. Yesterday, Sydney asked if we could all go to the zoo. It was super hot, and the Fourth of July, so we said no.
When the kid came up to me this morning, and asked if we could go to the zoo, I couldn't say no. I felt awful that we'd pushed it off for the last few days, so conceded that today would be a zoo day. This decision was a bad one.
I don't know why the heat was so crazy today, but in just the few minutes it took to walk from the parking lot to the zoo entrance, I got incredibly uncomfortable. Poor Sydney, after only 10 more minutes, was sweaty. We stopped at every drinking fountain, and rested in most every shady spot. We took the shorter route through the zoo, via the elephants, bears, tortoises, iguanas, otters, zebras and giraffes.
As per usual, we bought some kettle corn, and then took refuge in the gift shop for about 10 minutes, trying to lower our body temperatures. To give you an idea of how empty the zoo was today, we had one of the eight or nine shady parking spots in the lot. Because I was hurrying us through the zoo as much as I could, we spent only 75 minutes there, and because of the good shade, the car wasn't as awfully hot as it would normally be. So, that was good.
But really, going to the zoo today was dumb.

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