Saturday, July 30

Yay July!!

I'm looking at my calendar, and I'm thinking that, as a whole, the month of July was not bad at all. From a strictly, awesome and kick-ass viewpoint, it was epic. (I usually don't like using that word because it's been so overplayed, but here, it applies.)
First, on July 1, I had a fantastic girls' weekend out in Las Vegas for JJ's bachelorette. It was so fun, and that's all I'll tell you. July 4: fantastic fireworks at Tempe Town Lake. It was hot as the surface of the sun, but the 45-minute show was worth it. July 7: Mom came out for a long weekend, and because Brian was in Boston, she was able to stay with us. July 16: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2. Brian, Katy and I had a wonderful time at the movies, loved the movie, and then, having picked up Sydney from Taylor's care, had a yummy lunch. July 21: Brian and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary by not doing anything special that day. July 22: But on this day, we took our kid to Bellagio for a celebratory weekend, and had the best room ever, and I had the best weekend ever. You know, aside from the heat. But it was a different spit of desert, so it all worked out great. July 27: Sydney and I toured the preschool that would, as of yesterday, become her school in August. One less incredibly stressful thing off my mind.
Now, aside from the incredible irritability that plagued me this past week, I'll go on record as saying that this could possibly have been the second-best July of my life (the first still being the actual wedding month!). Thanks to all those that contributed!!

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