Thursday, July 28

Sure, just take ALL our money

So, my apartment complex is screwing us. I may or may not have told you that the place wanted to increase our rent by $500 to go month to month. This was before we knew we wanted to stay for a few more months. I told them last week that we'd like to renew of another three-month lease. I was hoping that we'd get our previous rent amount. The new lease showed up in my e-mail, and I was surprised to discover that, rather than the $1,300 per month we'd been paying, and the $1,800 per month they wanted to charge us for going month to month, they instead were gifting us with a leased rent amount of $1,700 per month. I am, as you can imagine, quite irritated by this number. I let the lease sit. The building accountant met me by the pool one day, and told me that despite my concerns, there was nothing she could do, because it was all corporate.
I got a reminder about the lease on Tuesday. This afternoon, I chatted with a different person in the office. Apparently, my apartment has run smack into the law of supply and demand. What with the university starting classes in a few weeks, and with the housing issues in today's economy, there's a demand for apartments. And yes, they'd love us to stay, but really (he didn't say this, but it was implied), they can find someone else to pay it, so whatever.
Right now, I'm in a quandary. Do we move for three or four months, incurring the cost of the move, but saving on rent and a power bill? Or do we sit tight, and suck it up for the sake of convenience, and not having to move in Phoenix in August? We have until August 7 to make up our minds. This sucks.

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