Wednesday, July 6

Sure, it's clean ... for now

I'm just not built to clean my own house. It's weird, so says Brian, that someone so freakish about a clean house can be so unable to maintain one. I don't think it's weird. In fact, I think it's pretty brilliant. Brian's solution: "Your mom should come out every two weeks. The place would be spotless all the time." True, but then I'd also be paying someone else to do it. Duly noted: I'm keeping track of how many times I've cleaned this place, and I will be buying myself something pretty of that number when we have the money for it.
I just don't clean toilets. I hate that I have to. And, if I don't clean my house for my kid and myself, and when Mom visits, it just doesn't get done. Gone are the days of Brian cleaning anything as a compromise to me not having a regular cleaning crew. Oh well. Someday soon, I will once again have a clean house without putting forth the effort for it to become so.
I mean, really, I mopped the kitchen floor today.

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