Monday, July 25

Must have something nice, too

So, I toured Sydney's potential school this morning. I wasn't blown away. But, they have room for her, and that may just be my only requirement really soon here. I'll see what else I can find around town here, but my options are dwindling. That is freaking me out more than anything, and suddenly, I get super pissy. This is bad, of course, because I just had a fantastically wonderful weekend, and I should still be glowing from the joy of it. But no, I'm freaking out. And I'm pissy.
Also, I'm mad at the guys in Washington, DC. They're all getting super irritating, and also, suddenly, my idea of moving to Australia is starting to look better and better. I'm so over this ridiculous partisan bickering, posturing and dick-sucking going on. Someone explain why everyone living in this country isn't paying their proper amount of taxes, and more importantly, explain why this is allowed. We're all equal citizens of this country, and everyone's vote counts the same, so ultimately, everyone should be paying the same percentage of their income in taxes. But beyond that, we need these chicken shit guys to get their crap together and remove this embarrassment from my television and Internet. I'm done.

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