Monday, July 18

Might as well be living in a volcano

So, how many of you have a $327 power bill this month? I know I do! It's so exciting to be living in a little apartment camping spot, and to spend a ridiculous amount of money on power every month!
Last month's bill was $235. What would account for such an increase? Oh, probably mine and Brian's decision to lower the thermostat from 75 to 73 degrees for a week or two. Who would believe that two degrees cooler inside, and 10 degrees warmer outside, would cost close to $100? Well, believe it.
And much to our chagrin, the air conditioner, which has again been at 75 degrees daily, continues to go on. I think there should be some kind of rule against having to pay for your air conditioner's power if, even when it's on all day, you still sweat when you're getting out of the shower, sweat while sleeping, sweat when coming up the stairs, and sweat when doing the laundry.
I hate spending that much on power and still being too hot to be comfortable in my living environment.

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