Monday, July 11

I won't be laughed at

I appreciate Facebook as a fun and entertaining diversion. My "diversion" borders on obsession quite  a bit, but I think that the best part about the social networking site is that I can amuse myself and those that I love (and who love me) with my everyday cheesiness and ridiculousness. I love that I get the same in return from those same people. Facebook is fun, and I'm only very rarely embarrassed by what happens there, or what I put up there.
But I won't be laughed at. And I won't have anyone using my posts as a joke.
So, when I found out that my statuses were used as a "picking on" subject for Brian this weekend, I got pretty irritated. And when my initial suggestion about unfriending that person/those people was shot down, I just got more irritated. I mean, so what, now I know that someone/s was laughing at me, and therefore suggesting that Brian should laugh at me as well, and I'm just expected to chill out and not think about it? F*ck that. I won't tolerate it, and it's done nothing but piss me off more and more since I heard about it.
So, before you all get too indignant, or think that I have no backbone, I did go with my own feelings, and unfriended the person/s. With no information, there's nothing to mock.

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