Thursday, July 21

Hanging in the 480 ... for a while longer

I gotta get this post done up before midnight so it lists a posting date of July 21. Ha!! Done and done!
We had a fantastic anniversary day today. Of course, we didn't really do anything. That all starts tomorrow. With the trip to Vegas. And that's good stuff right there!
On to the news of the day: We're going to be hanging out in Arizona for a while longer. The practice in Houston is taking a bit longer than any of us would like, and it looks like it'll be late November before we head off to Texas. So, we are signing a lease extension for three months. And I think I've found a local school for Sydney (lest we forget, I gave up her spot at her other school because we were supposed to be gone by now). And we're staying in this camping spot. And I have a whole bunch of time right now to settle our life in Houston.

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