Friday, July 15

A Friday ITEM! list

ITEM!: Alright, so the Vegas weekend for our anniversary is a GO. We've got our room, Brian's got his exit plan for work on Friday, and we're developing our list of ideas for the couple days we'll be there. It'll be awesome, and we're both getting really excited. Also, Sydney heard us talking about it tonight, and asked if she could come, too. She was very pleased to hear that she would be coming along, too.
ITEM!: But tomorrow, is all about Harry Potter. I've heard good things from my fellow H.P. fans on Facebook and the Internet about the movie, and I'm super excited to see it! I've got our big, movie-theater cups ready for drinks. I've got my stomach all ready for popcorn at 9:30 a.m. I've got my emotional seesaw all ready for the end. I think.
ITEM!: I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. I like a couple of her songs and a couple of her movies. I admit to being shocked by today's announcement that she and Marc Anthony are getting divorced. I don't know exactly why I'm shocked by it, except that I figured that since they seemed to have waited so long for each other, that they'd be together forever. Like the movies.
ITEM!: Also, I'm pretty irritated by the rise in my Netflix subscription. I would love to be able to say that we don't use the streaming Netflix, but Sydney and the iPad are inseparable sometimes, and that is due entirely to the streaming preschool, and dinosaur, television programs and movies. And we do love our DVD rentals. So I guess I'll just be sucking it up on this one.

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