Sunday, July 3

A benign photo ... of course

Okay, well, there is NO WAY that I'm sharing all the stories from "JJ's Bachelorette Weekend of Debauchery" here on the blog, so let's just not. Suffice it to say, we had a good time: events transpired, things happened, people were met, photos were taken, and fun was had by all.
Tonight, I sit here exhausted, and a little bit sunburned because I didn't listen to anyone when they told me to put on more sunscreen. But, just so you all don't go to bed hungry for some information on the weekend, I shall throw out some bullet points. Warning, some are inside jokes that you won't get. Others are just informative and maybe funny.
* Even on the 7:35 a.m. flight to Las Vegas on Friday morning, the people on the plane are just happier. Once that final descent begins, it gets incredibly convivial in the plane, and everyone starts getting excited for their destination.
* French fries, chicken tenders and jalapeno ranch for dipping could be the best lunch ever.
* A lazy river pool is the best way to meet new people.
* There is an incredible amount of bachelors and/or bachelorettes in Vegas at any given time on any given day. Honestly, it blew me away how many tiaras, sashes, matching hats and t-shirts, as well as well-stocked parties there were over the weekend.
* When I saw Bellagio's top from the Marquee's outside deck, I almost cried. I miss that place, and it's happy memories made me melancholy.
* Sometimes, a nice dinner and a trendy club on the property are the best way to go.
* "Jam out with your clam out."
* Break in your going-out shoes. I had two pairs of shoes for Friday and Saturday night, and neither had been worn before, nor were they incredibly comfortable when I put them on. Friday's shoes have potential for the future. Saturday's shoes very quickly ended up in the club's trash can because the strap holding one shoe to my heel and ankle BROKE as we walked into the club. Shoe fail. An attendant selling flip flops in the bathroom made my night much more tolerable.
* Creepy guys abound, and they all seem to think that the best way to get anyone's attention is by grabbing an arm as a girl walks by. Or rubbing up and dancing without asking. Also, for the men out there: do not pull a girl's hair as an invitation to dance. She will not like it.
* It's okay to be a part of the group that goes back to the room first! Especially when the bride's in that group, too!
* There are few things better than spending the day at the pool with your girlfriends. Also, nachos always, always, always are a better idea for lunch. Duly noted.
* Let the guy take your picture. It could be the best decision you make all weekend.
* Every hotel should house a Starbucks in its lobby.
* Once again, I'll say that flip flops at a club may seem kinda iffy, until the clock strikes 2 a.m., and all the pretty girls are walking around the dirty floors barefoot because their shoes hurt them.
* Elevator dance parties are awesome.
* Departure flights should not be scheduled before mid-afternoon. Leaving the hotel at 10 this morning was pretty brutal. Though I was super excited to see my family, I was not eager to depart the company of my girls.
* Someone please find me a t-shirt that says, "I hate house music." That shit kills my sanity, even though sometimes it's supposed to be "an experience that will change your life: mind, body and soul." I hate that stuff.

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