Sunday, July 24

Back from Vegas ... and kinda sad about it

Well. Now, THAT was a great weekend!
Brian's a rock star. I think I should start off by saying that. I got my room overlooking the fountains. I got my yummy anniversary dinner. I got to have dinner with only my husband because my awesome sister in-law happened to be in Las Vegas over the weekend too, and she volunteered to watch Sydney while B and I had our date. I got a bunch of cute and pretty pictures. I got a kid who now says, "VEGAS!!" and will participate in elevator dance parties. Oh yeah, and I got an awesome husband.
Tomorrow resumes life as I know it, with stress of preschool, bills, air conditioning costs, and laundry.
Also, tonight we were under an extreme thunderstorm watch in town. So much rain, and it was fantastic! Cars and streets and signs all finally got washed off from the past two dust storms. And hopefully, it'll be a cooler day tomorrow, too.

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