Thursday, July 7

An anniversary trip? Maybe!

I've decided that Brian and I need to go to Vegas to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. For those of you who may not know, we got married at the beautiful Bellagio on July 21, 2001, in what can only be called the best weekend ever. And after my weekend there last week, I realized that there really is no better place for us to celebrate our anniversary than there. I've been looking at a few hotels, and I think I may have found a couple that will serve our purpose.
Also, I think we'll be bringing the kid with us. This is, of course, in direct violation of everything that the girls and I discussed, decided and derided last weekend. Oh well. We've got no one to watch her, and we might as well bring her along. It'll be fun, right? Early dinners and cocktails? Maybe a Cirque show's nosebleed seats? And M&M World? I think we'll do the drive as well, so we can go over the new bridge, and not spend a whole lot of money on airline flights.
I'm excited to have some fun in the Vegas sun with my hubby and my kid.
I just suggested renewing our vows, and Mom accused me of going overboard. Perhaps! But FUN!

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